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Converted Roller-Shutter Doors to Collapsible Leaved Gates for a Food and Beverage Client

Fabricated Portacabin to serve as Retention Rooms for a leading indigenous Food and Beverage Company

Coupling of NRV to Tested Piping System

Digging and Excavation of Concrete Floors in preparation for concrete works

Painting and Finishing of Pipe Rack with Bollards

Civil Engineer liaising with Client rep

Fabrication and Setting up of a Forklift Charging Station

Testing Of Finished Piping System

Fitted, Welded and Primed Pump house set-up

Fitting and welding of piping system for a pneumatic pump

Welding of flanges on a reducing pipe spool

Fitting phase for pump cooling tower installation.

Pipe routing and installation

Mechanical fitting of flanges to short spools

Pipeline installation for Cold water supply

Preparation for Pressure Testing

Valve installation

Priming of Pipes prior fabrication process

Steel Structural Erection

Priming of steel structurals

Steel Structural Welding

Webbed steel reinforcement formwork for basement of stub columns

Priming of CS150 pipes with red oxide.

Welding of base plate for steel structurals

Welding of flanges on a reducing pipe spool

Fitting of Reducer to Flange

Welding of pre-fitted pipe fittings to pipe connection

Hot passing a 90° elbow to pipe length after fitting and routing

Installing pipe fitting(flange)

Building and installation of Cold water piping system for a client in the food and beverage industry.

Mechanical fitting of pipes, fittings and valves for twin cooling tower pumps installation.

NDT test on Pipeline at a foods processing facility

Pump Installation

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Drum Pulley Lagging For Belt Conveyor

Welding of Fittings to Pipe

Installation Of Belt Conveyor

Construction, Installation And Commissioning Of Power Distribution Panel

Piping And Instrumentation Works

Cable Preparation And Termination

Design And Fabrication Of Forklift Charging Station

Design, Fabrication And Installation Of Rack Belt Conveyors For Packaging And Sorting

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