Four Signs Your Electric Motor Needs Proper Inspection

Every industrial equipment needs routine checks to avoid sudden breakdowns and unplanned expenses. Waiting for your equipment to tire out and break down before calling a professional to check is like setting yourself up for downtime which would in turn lead to less productivity. If you own an electric motor, you might want to check to ensure it is not making any of these signs:

Your Electric Motor Is Vibrating Excessively

Excess vibration is a major sign your motor might give you to indicate it needs proper inspection as soon as possible. As soon as you notice this, put off your motor and have a repair expert check it out.


Your motor can overheat and start smoking if it has poor ventilation or is using too much current. In order to avoid a complete breakdown of the motor, you must treat this issue as soon as possible.

Sudden Loss Of Power

Electric Motors can suddenly stop working if there is a short circuit or overload in the wiring. If your motor’s electrical system is fried, you might need a new motor to get it back up and running if you do not do a proper inspection as soon as possible.

Bad Performance

Improper mounting and not enough lubrication are two of the most common causes of a decrease in the performance of an electric motor. A lot of dust could also be to blame for this. Your electric motor may need to be serviced if its performance begins to deteriorate substantially.

If you notice any of these signs, it means that your electric motor needs maintenance or servicing. CaTS offers maintenance and overhaul services for electric motors and the like. Would you like more information on this? Please click here to get a free consultation

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